The Sweetheart Season
The Sweetheart Season

The Sweetheart Season, by Karen Joy Fowler
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It’s 1947 and optimism governs the land, nowhere more so than in Magrit, a bucolic mill town devoted to the manufacture of breakfast cereal and housewifely advice. But there is one hitch: none of the boys who left for war will come home. For the girls who never left, love seems unlikely — until the mill owner decides to form an all-girl baseball team and put it on the road. The Sweetheart Season is their story. But is it?

Told many years later by a team member’s grown daughter, this is an attempt by a child of the suspicious ’60s to understand the romance of her mother’s era, when happy endings were guaranteed and goodness ruled the land…or so she’s been told.

New York Times Book Review

“Fowler’s witty writing is a joy to read.”
USA Today