Black Glass: Short Fictions

Black Glass

Black Glass, by Karen Joy Fowler
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“Highly imaginative . . . In fine-edged and discerning prose, [Fowler] manages to re-create both life’s extraordinary and its ordinary magic.”
The New York Times Book Review

“A splendid book, displaying a dazzling range of style, tone, and odd, true insights. Fowler is one of a kind.”
Minneapolis Star-Tribune

“What if the ever-faithful Tonto turned the big Four-O and his self-centered boss didn’t even send him a birthday card? What if Carrie Nation were on the loose again, invading bars, smashing bottles and terrorizing customers? What if a therapist did a clinical study of Elizabeth, who was three women at once: Queen Elizabeth, Elizabeth Taylor, and Lizzie Bordon who took an ax? . . . In the best of [Fowler's] stories, you follow her weaving path into previously unimagined worlds.”
San Jose Mercury News

“Arresting…Each piece puts us on notice in its own way that an intriguing intelligence is at work.”
The Boston Globe

Black Glass, Fowler’s longest story, is one of those marvels that defeat criticism. . . . It’s a piece of bravura virtuosity, which Fowler also manages to make extremely funny. You reread the story, intent on discovering how she did it, and end up losing yourself again to wonder and enjoyment.”
The Washington Post