More Earth Day

More Earth Day

Among the things I’m doing today is trying to understand why David Buckel’s self-immolation last week went largely unnoticed, barely reported and rarely discussed.  I understand the difficulties a suicide raises for the media.  But a man gave his life for a discussion we largely refuse to have.  Maybe if he’d been a porn star…IMG_0658

Noamic wisdom

There’s been nothing like this in history. It’s kind of an outrageous statement, but it happens to be true, that the Republican Party is the most dangerous organization in human history. Nobody, not even the Nazis, was dedicated to destroying the possibility of organized human life. It’s just missing from the media. In fact, if you read, say, the sensible business press, the Financial Times, BusinessWeek, any of them, when they talk about fossil fuel production, the articles are all just about the prospect for profit. Is the U.S. is moving to number one and what are the gains? Not that it’s going to wipe out organized human life. Maybe that’s a footnote somewhere. It’s pretty astonishing.  Noam Chompsky

This place don’t make sense to me no more

Let’s overturn these tables
Disconnect these cables
This place don’t make sense to me no more
Can you tell me what we’re waiting for, señor?

Bob Dylan, Señor


The Occupation of the White House continues, despite the constant suggestions that the whole criminal enterprise is about to run aground on the rocks of madness or the rule of law or that we will finally just all wake up and realize the whole thing was just a bad dream.

Often I intend to write about it, only to decide I have nothing new to offer and other writers have responded more brilliantly than I can. The morning’s outrage is eclipsed by the afternoon’s before I can construct the sentences I need.

Tomorrow I have a Noam Chompsky quote to post.  Today I’m going to write about a couple of things made me happy this morning and this week.  The first is that there was a tide so low, I got to walk on parts of the beach where I’ve never walked before.  There were starfish, egrets, and an underwater cave, suddenly high and dry that Lily and I could explore all the way to the back of.  It was like being in a children’s book, finding a new world in the back of the wardrobe.

Secondly, friend of the blog, Andrew Sean Greer, won the Pulitzer prize for his fabulous novel LESS.  If you haven’t read this book, apparently I am not the only person who thinks you should. Joy awaits you there.


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