I love the mountains.
I love the rolling hills.
I love the flowers.
I love the daffodils.     Folksong, I Love the Mountains


I love the call of redwing blackbirds. I love the shape and sound of waves. I love to watch pelicans fly. I love the wind-sculpted Monterey pines. I love crows. I love watching 24 million people not lose their health insurance. Friday was a good day. 

I can’t say that I’m tired of winning yet, but it was nice to remember what winning feels like.  (Though I’m not entirely sure we’ve won.  The man who told me the fight over healthcare is over is the world’s biggest liar.  Agents of Voldemort, Steve Bannon and Mark Meadows, (I love the meadows, but not that one) say they are still hammering out an agreement. So I’m relieved, but not relaxed.)

Meanwhile, I have to depend on the Democrats to take the Gorsuch nomination to the wall and a full-on fight has never been their look.  Obama nominates a cautious centrist; Trump nominates a radical extremist.  If Gorsuch were a man of integrity, he would insist on Garland getting a hearing first.  But he’s not so he doesn’t.  And please, let’s dispense with the charade that the Supreme Court is non-partisan.  That fairy tale ran out of road 17 years ago.  We all know who Gorsuch represents.  Pretending otherwise tells me you think I’m a fool.

Meanwhile2 it’s a big green light for the Keystone Pipeline.  Why is it that Republicans hate every living thing?  Every blade of non-golf-course grass, every bear cub, every bumblebee?


“Environmental Protection, what they do is a disgrace… We’ll be fine with the environment. We can leave a little bit …”     Donald Trump


Meanwhile3 life’s great consolations:  art and nature.  IMG_0242 IMG_0237 IMG_0215 IMG_0224

Both under siege from DC.  Create.  Bloom.  Resist.