Feb 7

Idiot wind
Blowing like a circle around my skull,
From the Grand Coulee Dam to the Capitol — Bob Dylan, Idiot Wind

Here is what I didn’t want for my birthday: the Betsy DeVos confirmation. Can I return it? Can I repeal and replace?
Here is a fact: So-called President Trump could be stopped at any time if there were Republicans willing to genuinely oppose his tyrannical, megalomaniacal incompetence. The Democrats have shown flickers of occasional courage, but they can do little beyond briefly gumming up the works. Only the Republicans can stop this.
We are not fooled by the Murkowski and Collins’ votes today, as these two women could have actually prevented DeVos if they’d wanted to. We are not fooled by McCain and Graham’s intermittent squealings. Until there are actual consequences, this remains a parlor charade.
Many of us have long wondered where the line is past which the Republican party will not go. We are learning that there is no line.