primates, human variety

Just a word to anyone noticing — I am currently in beautiful La Jolla, California where I’ll spend the next week teaching at the Clarion Workshop. I’ll be doing a reading Wednesday at Mysterious Galaxy in San Diego.

We (the Clarion Foundation) are currently running our annual fundraiser for scholarship needs and I’m also part of that. If you wish to feed a hungry science fiction writer, go to and throw us some love.  Many thanks!

4 thoughts on “primates, human variety

    • Dear Maria — although I have no plans for Seattle on my calendar, I do seem to come up there often. I love Seattle! (And Whidbey. And also Portland, two other places I get to regularly.) Thanks for the kind words about my WONDERBOOK piece. What a beautiful book that is! kj

  1. My partner and I both read Roger Fouts’ book about Washoe and the other signing chimps when it came out and then, with my daughter, visited the chimps in Ellensburg. When someone suggested your book for our reading group, I voted yes and I loved it, though it is indeed heartbreaking as advertised. The wry voice of the narrator carried me through, as did the wry voice of another narrator in our last book, All My Puny Sorrows by Miriam Toews. Thank you for writing a book about animal experimentation that people will actually read and feel, that is not a polemic.

    • Thank you so much, Nancy. I, too, visited the Ellensburg chimps and then, just this May, the seven now living in nearby Cle Elum. Although I loved my Ellensburg visit, the sanctuary in Cle Elum is a big improvement — much more space, much more outdoors. It was tremendously moving to see the seven who live there and learn their histories. A wonderful effort by all involved. And I love Mirian Toews!

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