Rabbits not wild but brave

Yesterday my husband called me outside to see the rabbit making its slow way down our street. It was being stalked with intense vigilance by our neighbors’ ginger cat, though it seemed unaware of that. They were about the same size — the rabbit fancily colored and tame enough to let me get close, but not so tame I could pick it up. I was able to dissuade the cat, but could manage no more. When last seen it was headed into the state park where the grasses are high and its odds of survival low. It died, if it died, a free rabbit. I don’t imagine there is much consolation in that, but I’m trying to pretend that there is. Like the end of Braveheart. Sort of like that.

2 thoughts on “Rabbits not wild but brave

  1. Two things. Tonight, my book club is discussing the book I proposed…”We are all completely beside ourselves. ” I am a pediatrician, my husband a child psychiatrist and our three kids all experiments, our friends said. I have read this book twice and adore it.
    Second thing, yesterday, one of my spoiled cats (hang out outside in the daytime if the temperature is just right, and sleep in the house with us and fancy cat food) brought over a young bunny to play with that he found out back in the woods. My 25 year old son and I were “beside ourselves” (we know that feeling) and distracted the cat, who gently placed the bunny down. The bunny sat immobile, which isn’t at all what the cat wanted to play with, until the cat turned to his name. The bunny, totally unharmed, scampered away.
    The cat searched high and low for the next 10 minutes, until he came back to the house and parked himself under the chaise lounge where he probably believes he belongs!
    Thanks for this marvelous book.

    • Dear Dorothy — there is much evidence to suggest that cats are the (not-so) secret masters of the universe. I’m heartened by this tale of rabbit escape. What a story he’ll have to tell!
      Thanks for taking the book to your book club. So much appreciated! Karen

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