4 thoughts on “March 3

  1. Oh, Karen Joy, you are now responsible for Graham’s joy. My joy comes from finding a new author – well, a new author for me anyway. And for me, the joy is ongoing because I can now trawl back through your earlier works and look forward to the next one. Many thanks for the Joy we share

    • I’m always nervous about people reading the earlier books. I don’t go back and read them myself! I’m sure they are full of things I would now do differently. Many thanks for posting here! I can only hope there is more joy to be found.

  2. I just read “we are all completely beside ourselves” – it’s so fabulous. I just read it by chance not knowing anything about – wow. I don’t know how to tell anyone how fantastic it is because I don’t want to spoil the surprise! Thank you for such a superb story, was such a pleasure to read.

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