I’m clearing up the Christmas debris and bracing for New Year’s. Hoping for more rain. Hoping for more time. Hoping for more words, more pages, more posts.
In the meantime, please notice the following: Researcher Matt McLennan is trying to raise $30,000 by January 5th on IndieGogo for his project to save chimps and help Ugandan children.  He has less than a week and about 20,000 dollars still to go.  If you can help out, please do so. The campaign is here:


Second, and more self-servingly — the application period for the Clarion writing workshop, San Diego version, is currently open and I will be teaching there this summer along with Christopher Barzak, Saladin Ahmed, Jim Kelly, Maureen McHugh, and Margo Lanagan.  Details to be found at

10 thoughts on “PSAs

  1. Dear Karen,
    For a writer you sure do not write much on your blog. I keep checking and checking to see what’s up. Finally! A post. Thank you. Today the company I work for let all the employees off early. I came home to find “The Jane Austen Book Club” was being shown on TV. As I needed to rest and relax from a taxing half week of crazy work and sub-zero winter weather, I watched it. I had wanted to read the book first. The movie was very good, but I am sure I will enjoy the book even better.

    Wishing you a Wonderful and Happy New Year!
    your pal,

    PS: I wish I was a blooming writer and could attend your class. Now that would be an amazing experience!

  2. Dearest Rio — you are right about how seldom I post, of course. I am lousy at routine and follow-through — as a child I was given a diary almost every year at Christmas and every year I made a valiant start. By mid February, I’d already fallen silent. But I do have a good, fairly complete record of my Januaries. And here we are, January again, and me full of hope for all the things I’ll get done in the new year.

  3. January! Always a special month full of promises made and hopefully kept. I typically forget all my Januaries and always remember the start of baseball season. Spring Training! Here comes the time when ” There is always next year.” really gets started and memory loss starts happening wiping out the disappointing last year of baseball season….heh!

    The first book I have chosen to read after the initial amazing book I blindly picked out of all the selections for the Man Booker Award is “The Sweetheart Season.” I am a big baseball fan and this had to be the first one after the very remarkable one. I am very suspicious as this is a book written by two liars. Very suspicious indeed.
    So far I can hardly put it down!

    • The Sweetheart Season was amazing, funny, wonderful and so very touching! A part of me wishes I would have stopped reading when you suggested it. That Afterward part had a very different voice. I liked Irinis’ voice – the combination of her and her daughter so much more than the lone voice of the daughter. What was her name?

      Now I am well into Sarah Canary. I love Chin. I laughed out loud when Sarah swallowed the watch….oh my dawg. Now they are spending the night in the cabin….

  4. Making me feel good about my work is a tough, tiring job, but you appear to be up to the task. Thank you so much, Rio! I wrote the Sweetheart Season because I thought the world needed more feminist baseball novels. But, as my first novel, Sarah Canary will always have my heart in it.

  5. So enjoyed your talk at the Soquel Library this morning, and your humor. Thank you. Having moved many times as a child, I could relate to your story of being displaced to Palo Alto and the effect of becoming more of an observer. If you ever feel moved to write an autobiography, I am sure it would be well received.

    • Thank you so much, Cherry. I’m thrilled that you think my autobiography would be worth reading. But if you moved many times as a child (military family?) I think you are the one who should be writing a book about it. Go for it!

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